My stay in 日本 in numbers

Last Version Dec 8th 2016.

Passed my 100th hour of keiko (practice). My body is sore and tired but loving it still! Started making larger drawings of sensei too (here and here)!




Done with the Onigiri and Amerikan Dog, but ramen and Chocolate Almonds are going strong!tabemono_info_v03

At 83% of my stay in Japan and I realised I don’t want to go back yet. Not for some while. So looking into ways to get back here as soon as possible!



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Hi my name is Dimme and I steal pictures of the internet and draw them 🙂


(sorry for the black borders. I am having a disagreement with iMovie. Will fix this later)

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Osawa sensei


I decided to draw all sensei I practice under for my infographics but it turned out I just could not get Osawa sensei right. So I decided to give it some work today. Still not a 100% but done for now 🙂

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Impressions from 東京 – pt 2


Visiting ‘my old neighbourhood’ in Kita Shinjuku, on my way to treat myself on a smoked curry birthday meal 🙂



Random picture on my way home.


takuya_san_balconyThe view from by balcony at Takuya-sans place.

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