Tokyo Moon restaurant

My second attempt at painting environments. Although I am actually quite glad, I get feedback again that people just think it is a photo. Both a compliment and not really what I want. Maybe it is because nowadays most people watch content on their smartphone :S


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Aikido Hands II – Sankyo

I have decided to make a series about aikido hands and hopefully put them to print eventually. This is part 2: Sankyo.

During my many many practices with some amazing 受け (uke) here at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, I started to look at hands differently.

I believe hands are a most fascinating part of Aikido. Although we focus on the 腹 (hara) to deflect, unbalance and take position, I think it is the hands where our 腹 (hara) meet. Hands are the attack and the defence, the hard and the soft and it is where 受け (uke) and 取り (tori) meet. It is the point of contact where we become one (even though it still originates in the 腹 I guess).

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