October 2016

Osawa sensei


I decided to draw all sensei I practice under for my infographics but it turned out I just could not get Osawa sensei right. So I decided to give it some work today. Still not a 100% but done for now 🙂

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Impressions from 東京 – pt 2


Visiting ‘my old neighbourhood’ in Kita Shinjuku, on my way to treat myself on a smoked curry birthday meal 🙂



Random picture on my way home.


takuya_san_balconyThe view from by balcony at Takuya-sans place.

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Impressions from Tokyo

keikogi_flrAfter 5 days of practice, this is what my house looks like 🙂


I wanted to shoot a panorama photo but did something wrong and ended up with this nice shot. Thought it was a happy accident 🙂

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